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Welcome to St Andrew United Methodist Church in Santa Maria, California.

Church office is open Monday through Thursday, 9 AM to Noon



About Us


We believe that the grace and love of God are available to all people, without qualification. We seek to live as followers of Jesus Christ in all that we do. God calls us together as the Church so that we can receive grace, peace, and hope. We share caring and compassion with one another as we travel this journey of life together.


Sunday Worship

Sunday, 9:00 &10:30 AM

Please wear a mask and be prepared to practice social distancing.

The 10:30 AM service is also live streamed on YouTube

Sermon by Phone

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Sunday Worship  9:00 & 10:30 AM

May 2, 2021

John 15:1-8

"Bearing Fruit"

Rev Paula Hulet

The 10:30 AM service is also live streamed on YouTube